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Investment Trends in Energy


​Today's global energy industry is characterized by significant shifts, which are creating new opportunities. New business models and technologies are changing the way energy is produced, delivered and consumed, especially for the electricity sector. Evolution of technology, social pressure on environmental sustainability and social inclusion are triggering major shifts in the energy industries and changing the way companies extract and deliver value.

But, the world remains far from becoming sufficiently sustainable, affordable and secure. Energy-related greenhouse gas emissions are trending upwards, in contrast to the recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Seeing, projections for the growth of energy investment and deployment, there is more good news: Every month, the number of investors interested in this market seems to increase. Some are driven by financial returns, while others seek out environmental or social returns.

Advances in next-generation Renewables

Conversations and policies regarding carbon-free power fail to include two next-generation renewable power sources likely to emerge by 2030.

Most urban populations reside besides vast coastlines. New technology allows offshore wind turbines to be built far enough into the ocean that they're not visible from the shoreline. And they can be much taller than their onshore peers -- boasting operating efficiencies higher than natural-gas power plants.

Renewable energy is just getting started. The United States generated nearly 10% of its total electricity from wind and solar power in 2018. Add to that 7% from hydropower and 20% from nuclear, and the country generated approximately 37% of its electricity from zero-carbon sources last year -- a remarkable figure. Considering onshore wind and solar are now among the lowest-cost sources of new generation, as well as the approaching advances in electric vehicles, energy storage, offshore wind power, and it's clear there's reason for plenty of optimism about America's pace of decarbonization. Investors will certainly want exposure to renewables at large.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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